Loan despite debt balance

If there is a debt that lies with Good Finance, this almost always means that an application for a loan is denied. This is because the lenders consider that a person who still has not repaid past debts has a greater risk of not being able to repay this new debt. But even though the vast majority say no to these applications, there are actually some alternatives that can help.

Some lenders have chosen to specialize specifically in lending money to people who have or have had financial problems. However, this often sets some special requirements for the loan application to go through.

If you are going to get through your application, it is also often better to contact the intended lender directly. A personal conversation where you exactly explain your situation increases the possibilities compared to a slightly more impersonal loan form.



For example, if you are buying a house, chances are relatively good with some lenders that you can borrow money.

This is when they see that security exists in the house, which means that they feel reasonably safe in getting their borrowed money back even if payment problems should arise in the future. It is possible even if someone else offers their house or similar as security.



If someone in the family or acquaintance wants to go in as guarantor and guarantee that the money will be repaid, it is often possible to borrow money. This person will then be able to pass a credit check. It is important to keep in mind that one must really feel safe before anyone else enters as guarantor or offers his house as security.

Should you not be able to repay the loan institution, the guarantor will be able to repay the loan. Therefore, consider extremely carefully if it is right to borrow and ask someone to set up like this.

It’s hard to borrow


As we said, it is often very difficult to borrow some money if you have an active debt balance with Good Finance and it is important to know about this. A debt balance there is never positive and will reduce your chances of getting a loan even with lenders who may want to lend to this category of people.

It is also important to ask if you really want to borrow some money. If it is possible to get rid of these debts, it can be good as hopefully the costs per month can go down quite sharply. However, if it is a loan that is more fun, you should avoid this and instead work hard to get rid of the debts of Good Finance.