Best liability insurance 2017: Öko-Test chooses 8 test winners

People looking for the best third party liability insurance in 2017 have a variety of fares to choose from. Some of them advertise with a high performance guarantee that always promises customers the best services in the market. But as a current liability insurance test of Öko-Test shows, not all insurers stick to the commitments. In addition, the guarantee has its price.


Beste Haftpflichtversicherung 2017 mit Aktualitätsgarantie
Öko-Test chooses the best liability insurance 2017

In liability insurance , new benefits are regularly introduced so that insured persons are even better protected in the event of damage. However, to avoid customers having to constantly change their tariffs to get the best service, some insurers offer so-called high performance guarantees. These also reimburse for old contracts according to the new benefit principle.

The best liability insurance 2017 with such a guarantee comes, according to the experts of the eco-test of the Liability Insurance Darmstadt . The provider leads the list of the best rated offers with two tariffs (Öko-Test issue 1/2017).

But even if eight liability insurances in the test convince with excellent performance, fully recommendable tariffs with market guarantees by no means. Finally, some providers can also cost the very good services. In addition, a look at the terms of insurance reveals that the guarantee for best benefits is often limited .


Best liability insurance 2017 does not have to be expensive

The test winners from the rating of the eco-test have some of their price. Families pay at the top 8 rates between 87 euros and proud 158 euros a year , singles receive for 62 euros to 97 euros a first-class liability protection. But: Those who do not necessarily need the premium protection, can also choose offers with a more balanced price-performance ratio. In the last test of the DISQ from the year 2016, for example, all tested offers with a very high level of performance, some also by a very low price. Singles pay accordingly at the cheapest provider 39 euros, families only 55 euros annually .

The best liability insurance 2017 with market guarantee at Öko-Test:

  • Liability Insurance Darmstadt – PHV Simply Better Plus
  • Liability insurance Darmstadt – PHV Simply complete
  • Hannoversche Direkt – Classic Guarantor Exclusive with Best Performance Guarantee
  • Swiss Life Partner – Prima Plus 2016 with carefree package
  • VHV – classic guarantor Exclusive with best performance guarantee
  • ConceptIF – CIF: PRO complete best advice
  • Degenia – Optimum T15
  • Janitos Insurance – Best Selection

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This is how the guarantee for best liability insurance services works

The best liability insurance 2017 is not only characterized by comprehensive benefits. In the best case, it can also permanently compete with the best offers on the market. Because insurance continues to evolve over time . Services that are initially offered only at premium rates, can gradually become the market standard. For people who do not want to change their insurance constantly, therefore, a maximum performance guarantee is tempting. This promises that the insurer pays for uncovered services as long as there are other providers in the market who are already doing this.

In the event of damage, the insured must prove that such offers exist. However, this can be very time-consuming, after all, he often has to study the insurance conditions of various insurers. Therefore, Öko-Test recommends the conclusion of an insurance consultant or broker. In the event of a claim, the latter will take care of the regulation if the insurer refuses agreed services.

Best liability insurance 2017? Look carefully instead of just trust

How important the support of an expert is, is shown by some contradictions regarding the promised guarantees. Finally, it is questionable whether even the best liability insurance 2017 is mentioned, if exclusions or caps limit the guarantee. As Öko-Test notes, many insurers do not even seem to be aware of this . Thus, the offer of the Alte Leipziger guarantees for property damage by non-delikable children, although the legislator here does not provide liability. At the same time, however, reimbursements that go beyond the statutory benefits are excluded from the contract. Only after the insurance company was informed did it acknowledge the mistake and promised to correct the conditions in the next revision.

But even otherwise, the full-bodied promise of peak performance or market guarantee collides with numerous restrictions on some providers. Therefore, interested parties should not be blinded by the commitments , but compare the different rates independently.

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