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Mila Ximénez has made her stellar reappearance, as expected, on the cover of the magazine Lecturas. The collaborator of Sálvame submitted last May 3 to a facelift with the same surgeon who has operated on other celebrities such as Richard Gere, but his change in nothing resembles that of the actor. The former Manolo Santana, has been in custody all this time safeguarding his exclusive and pending postoperative, says in his report that he “came up” and took pictures of when he was in his thirties .

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The tertuliana says to be very happy with the result, but it is obvious that she does not look much like herself before the facelift , as the presenter of her show, Jorge Javier, defended in her column also in Lecturas, when after visiting her in her house said that what she liked the most was “that it was very natural”, it does not look like the Mila that we remember from her Marbella period.


The operation as described, was long, four hours in the operating room to do a total stretch removing excess skin from the face, the contour of the eyes and filling: “I have navel fat on the lips and new neck.” And a whole reconstruction: “I have lifted all the flaccid part of the face and I have removed the skin that was left over. The biggest work has been in the neck, I have done it again, “he says in the magazine. His face, of course, looks much more rounded when his face was always elongated. It reminds me a little of Sara Montiel at some point in her life.


This has been the gift that Mila has made for her 65th birthday, according to her, it all comes down to a question of self-esteem. For some, having ‘self-esteem’ means aging with fullness, or ‘knowing how to grow old’, but in the case of Mila these touch-ups have helped her to feel better in her skin: “I was very insecure when I saw myself on television or in some report I did not like to look at myself, it hurt and sometimes I cried. I had self-esteem through the floor . So respectable is an option like another, now it is only accustomed to the ‘renewed’, that not new Mila. She promises to continue with her ‘character’ intact: “I come with the same strength and tongue as long as before”. We will have hours and hours of TV to see how his face is evolving.

** Photos: Gtres y Lecturas