When a debtor finds himself in debt and unable to repay his monthly payments, he still has the possibility of making a repurchase of credit. This is a financing solution that groups all outstanding loans into one single loan and benefits from reduced monthly payments.

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  • 3 What about the costs of loan restructuring?

Consolidate your payday loans: Visit us to learn more about our services

A credit redemption proves to be the last resort in case of over-indebtedness due to the contraction of several loans. It turns out to be the solution to adopt when the debtor is subject to the excessive debt. Payday loan consolidation option will allow us to consolidate with Payday Loan Helpers all our loans into one loan. This modality aims to reduce the monthly payments and allow the borrower to be solvent again.

It will be able to renew its budget and be able to better manage it. A repurchase of credit consists in particular of granting monthly payments which are established from the capacity of repayment of the person concerned. It is precisely a question of downgrading its debt ratio below 33% of the income concerned.

What are the different types of credit consolidation?

There are different types of credit surrender, the terms of which may vary from one credit institution to another. We can distinguish the consumption or tenant buyout and the consolidation of real estate loans. Added to this are the repurchase of professional credit and the purchase of credit by purchase/sale.

The tenant buyback is a formula that consists of consolidating all consumer credit while the real estate purchase relates to the consolidation of real estate loans and consumer loans. To access more information about the redemption of credit, just go to our page: What is a credit redemption? The site specializing in the field of credit and operations referred to it will better inform anyone with questions related.

What about the costs of loan restructuring?

The necessary fee accompanying a credit redemption different from one case to another. Following a favorable response from the bank has accepted the request for repurchase of credit, it is necessary to envisage expenses of record. It is also essential to consider notary fees in case a mortgage is included in the pool of credits. Compared to previous credits, this requires in particular prepayment fees.

People looking for the best third party liability insurance in 2017 have a variety of fares to choose from. Some of them advertise with a high performance guarantee that always promises customers the best services in the market. But as a current liability insurance test of Öko-Test shows, not all insurers stick to the commitments. In addition, the guarantee has its price.


Beste Haftpflichtversicherung 2017 mit Aktualitätsgarantie
Öko-Test chooses the best liability insurance 2017

In liability insurance , new benefits are regularly introduced so that insured persons are even better protected in the event of damage. However, to avoid customers having to constantly change their tariffs to get the best service, some insurers offer so-called high performance guarantees. These also reimburse for old contracts according to the new benefit principle.

The best liability insurance 2017 with such a guarantee comes, according to the experts of the eco-test of the Liability Insurance Darmstadt . The provider leads the list of the best rated offers with two tariffs (Öko-Test issue 1/2017).

But even if eight liability insurances in the test convince with excellent performance, fully recommendable tariffs with market guarantees by no means. Finally, some providers can also cost the very good services. In addition, a look at the terms of insurance reveals that the guarantee for best benefits is often limited .


Best liability insurance 2017 does not have to be expensive

The test winners from the rating of the eco-test have some of their price. Families pay at the top 8 rates between 87 euros and proud 158 euros a year , singles receive for 62 euros to 97 euros a first-class liability protection. But: Those who do not necessarily need the premium protection, can also choose offers with a more balanced price-performance ratio. In the last test of the DISQ from the year 2016, for example, all tested offers with a very high level of performance, some also by a very low price. Singles pay accordingly at the cheapest provider 39 euros, families only 55 euros annually .

The best liability insurance 2017 with market guarantee at Öko-Test:

  • Liability Insurance Darmstadt – PHV Simply Better Plus
  • Liability insurance Darmstadt – PHV Simply complete
  • Hannoversche Direkt – Classic Guarantor Exclusive with Best Performance Guarantee
  • Swiss Life Partner – Prima Plus 2016 with carefree package
  • VHV – classic guarantor Exclusive with best performance guarantee
  • ConceptIF – CIF: PRO complete best advice
  • Degenia – Optimum T15
  • Janitos Insurance – Best Selection

Service: You want the best services for your liability protection and do not compromise? Or just a solid hedge without special benefits? Then use the liability insurance calculator and find out which tariff fits the price and performance of your wishes.

Our service for you

Secure your liability insurance now for a small price.

Compare fares

This is how the guarantee for best liability insurance services works

The best liability insurance 2017 is not only characterized by comprehensive benefits. In the best case, it can also permanently compete with the best offers on the market. Because insurance continues to evolve over time . Services that are initially offered only at premium rates, can gradually become the market standard. For people who do not want to change their insurance constantly, therefore, a maximum performance guarantee is tempting. This promises that the insurer pays for uncovered services as long as there are other providers in the market who are already doing this.

In the event of damage, the insured must prove that such offers exist. However, this can be very time-consuming, after all, he often has to study the insurance conditions of various insurers. Therefore, Öko-Test recommends the conclusion of an insurance consultant or broker. In the event of a claim, the latter will take care of the regulation if the insurer refuses agreed services.

Best liability insurance 2017? Look carefully instead of just trust

How important the support of an expert is, is shown by some contradictions regarding the promised guarantees. Finally, it is questionable whether even the best liability insurance 2017 is mentioned, if exclusions or caps limit the guarantee. As Öko-Test notes, many insurers do not even seem to be aware of this . Thus, the offer of the Alte Leipziger guarantees for property damage by non-delikable children, although the legislator here does not provide liability. At the same time, however, reimbursements that go beyond the statutory benefits are excluded from the contract. Only after the insurance company was informed did it acknowledge the mistake and promised to correct the conditions in the next revision.

But even otherwise, the full-bodied promise of peak performance or market guarantee collides with numerous restrictions on some providers. Therefore, interested parties should not be blinded by the commitments , but compare the different rates independently.

Here you will find tips and more information on private liability insurance.

Mila Ximénez has made her stellar reappearance, as expected, on the cover of the magazine Lecturas. The collaborator of Sálvame submitted last May 3 to a facelift with the same surgeon who has operated on other celebrities such as Richard Gere, but his change in nothing resembles that of the actor. The former Manolo Santana, has been in custody all this time safeguarding his exclusive and pending postoperative, says in his report that he “came up” and took pictures of when he was in his thirties .

IMG 1288 620x872

The tertuliana says to be very happy with the result, but it is obvious that she does not look much like herself before the facelift , as the presenter of her show, Jorge Javier, defended in her column also in Lecturas, when after visiting her in her house said that what she liked the most was “that it was very natural”, it does not look like the Mila that we remember from her Marbella period.


The operation as described, was long, four hours in the operating room to do a total stretch removing excess skin from the face, the contour of the eyes and filling: “I have navel fat on the lips and new neck.” And a whole reconstruction: “I have lifted all the flaccid part of the face and I have removed the skin that was left over. The biggest work has been in the neck, I have done it again, “he says in the magazine. His face, of course, looks much more rounded when his face was always elongated. It reminds me a little of Sara Montiel at some point in her life.


This has been the gift that Mila has made for her 65th birthday, according to her, it all comes down to a question of self-esteem. For some, having ‘self-esteem’ means aging with fullness, or ‘knowing how to grow old’, but in the case of Mila these touch-ups have helped her to feel better in her skin: “I was very insecure when I saw myself on television or in some report I did not like to look at myself, it hurt and sometimes I cried. I had self-esteem through the floor . So respectable is an option like another, now it is only accustomed to the ‘renewed’, that not new Mila. She promises to continue with her ‘character’ intact: “I come with the same strength and tongue as long as before”. We will have hours and hours of TV to see how his face is evolving.

** Photos: Gtres y Lecturas

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Covering the crisisCovering the crisis

How to live without money or with very little

Archive of October, 2014

P2P credit platforms


Loans between individuals (also known in English as peer to peer lending, social lending or crowdlending) are offered by individuals to other individuals without the intervention of a traditional financial institution . In many cases they are microcredits, of small amounts, which can range from 300 to 100,000 euros.

In his blog Economía anticrisis , economist Antonio Saez explains what P2P credits are, which were born to connect people who wanted to lend money to others who needed it.
Classify the types of P2P loans, which vary, he says, according to the investor's expectations:

1) Platforms of investors who contribute their funds without expecting anything in return . They support projects as if they were donations.

2) Platforms of investors who expect interest rates similar to banks , for which it is a profitable business.

3) Investment platforms in which, in exchange for money, they expect shares of the financed companies or any other type of reward that they agree to.

For Sáez, "Donations, patronage, profitable investments, everything fits into a system in which entrepreneurs and investors connect to carry out their projects and illusions without losing sight of the fact that in the back of a very restricted financial system Crowfounding and P2P loans, our maxim is also imposed: what are not accounts are stories ".


The Universocroudfunding page has a guide of the main crowdlending portals in Spain:

Comunitae. It is the reference portal for loans between individuals in Spain and to date, more than 4 million have been moved through Comunitae and more than € 350,000 in interest has been generated.

LoanBook. It focuses on investment in Spanish SMEs. They are defined as a marketplace of credits for companies. They also offer advisory services.

Arboribus. Through this website p2p lending individuals can invest in companies of proven solvency and reputation and obtain a higher margins than any bank deposit.

Receptum. In this platform, the borrower at the time of requesting an amount must provide a mortgage guarantee.

Lendico German startup that works in Spain and offers p2p loans for consumption (between € 600 and € 25,000) and where you can invest from € 25.

Zank They offer a place for those investors who seek good returns for their capital and the collection of funds for consumption for those individuals who are looking for money at lower rates than those currently offered by banks.

IsePankur , originating in Estonia, is defined as a social loan company that operates in different European countries.

TopBanco is defined as the first social network that connects people in search of private loans. It is not a microcredit platform to use, but a social network.

Prize for moving by bike or on foot


Ciclogreen is an online platform, which was born last June and rewards for moving by bike or walking. It is a way to promote sustainable mobility practices and actively collaborate in the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Those who travel by bike or on foot will obtain exclusive discounts for the kilometers traveled by bicycle, walking or running, in a list of establishments and activities detailed on the web. Thus, those who access the portal can register, download one of the two linked applications in the section Win Cycles (Moves or Strava) and associate it with their Ciclogreen profile in order to accumulate points.

If you like to train and compare your brands with others, or simply prefer to use the application only when you move, choose Strava . You will gain cycles with each kilometer and the next day you will be able to see the data of your activities in your profile and choose the reward you prefer.

For each kilometer traveled by bicycle two cycles are gained and walking will be four cycles per kilometer . In addition, they also reward two cycles per kilometer if you play sports and go for a run.

Registering on the page is free.

Sell ​​second-hand items allows you to recover 44% of its value


Saving objects that are no longer needed or used is a custom that is repeated in 91% of Spanish families, who accumulate an average of four objects in disuse that could sell in the second-hand market.

These are data included in a study carried out by the Segundamano.es sales website among its users, which analyzes the economic potential in used objects that Spaniards keep in their homes.

In the last 12 months, the people who chose to sell the items they did not need through this ad portal got an average income of 151 euros , the study says.


With this sale they not only contributed to the collaborative economy, through which they are allowed to reuse objects that can still continue serving other people, but they managed to recover 44% of the investment they made when they bought those new objects.

The head of Estudios de Segundamano.es, Beatriz Toribio, points out that "a great change is taking place in the consumption habits of the Spaniards who are here to stay. For years, the second-hand market has been surrounded by a series of prejudices that are now beginning to disappear, because people are discovering the potential of collaborative consumption, since it allows us to make a smarter, more responsible and rational purchase ".

The objects that we keep more frequently at home are mobile phones that we no longer need, specifically, 42% of users have a terminal that they could sell. Secondly, 32% of the users have unused photo or video cameras, as well as video game consoles or video games . The books and comics that we have already read and the clothes and accessories that we no longer use complete the list of objects that we no longer need and that we accumulate more frequently.

Second collective purchase of energy in the OCU


New increases in electricity, cost overruns in gas, large companies that fail to comply with the rules most favorable to consumers … The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has mobilized against excessive tariffs and has taken a step forward by calling a new collective purchase of energy , just as they did in 2013.

Nearly half a million Spanish homes joined in 2013 to the first campaign I want to beat light , to try to get a reduction in the energy bill . It was in the first collective purchase of energy held in Spain and the undersigned – I did it – got up to 115 euros of light savings per year.


Those responsible for the organization say that with the II collective purchase of energy, they want consumers to group together again to buy energy independently, and also participate as many people as possible.

Any user can participate free of charge and without obligation and they offer personalized information about their consumption, their contracted rate and tips to reduce the bill.

The registration period began on October 1 and will close on the 30th. A day later, on October 31, the power auction will take place. Registration can be done at quieropagarmenosluz.org .

Citizen messaging services


The BonCarry platform allows you to send and receive objects, documents and goods through people who contact each other to perform the service or receive it.

It is a messaging system between users, a collaborative and alternative delivery system , based on the exchange of experiences between users. Through the platform you can establish contact with travelers from all over the world and request their collaboration so that they bring you what you need.

With BonCarry it is possible to know which people around you need something and which outsiders are willing to carry out the transport.


Image of the BonCarry.com website

The experience will be based on mutual trust and on both sides obtaining a benefit. For example, you get what you have asked to be brought to you and, in return, you can pick up the traveler at the airport, show him the city or pay him as you both agree. The conditions of the agreement and the reward are totally private: everything will depend on the relationship of trust that is established and on what both parties define as "just".

Boncarry makes a series of recommendations to service users. For example, ask for things that are easy to transport and / or that do not involve excessive effort for the respective boncarrier .

The availability of people can change for multiple reasons, whether time, health, family … Therefore, the good tone should be maintained if in the framework of a transaction there are situations that lead to changes, such as cancellations, delays …

They also recommend communicating any relevant change and not forgetting that the service is based on goodwill and trust , and comply as strictly as possible agreed to make a transaction, as this can accumulate recommendations and later points for more benefits in advanced services.

Wallapop moves to barter and job offers


Wallapop , the Spanish mobile application for buying and selling second-hand products, has announced new categories that will allow users to offer free products and encourage the exchange of those that they no longer use.

The novelties of the platform do not stop there, they will also incorporate offers of employment and real estate offers of purchase-sale or rental of housing .

Now it has just added the Free and Exchange sections, responding to the demands of users, according to the company's managers, who point out that the search for changes, exchanges and free products in Wallapop has grown rapidly since the launch of the application. .


"Being able to exchange objects and offer free products brings us closer to a collaborative consumption model. The boom of proposals that allow users to realize their desire to find alternatives for a sustainable economy to maximize their resources and, at the same time, give new life to products that they no longer use regularly, is undeniable. " they point.

At the same time, it will launch the Job offers category, where companies or individuals can insert their offers, with a brief description of the available position and the profile that potential candidates must meet and another one of real estate ads, which will include everything related to the purchase-sale or rental of homes.

In this section, the characteristics and photographs of the apartment for sale or room for rent will be notified and both interested parties can establish a first contact through the smartphone. The network allows customers to find the offer that best suits their preferences and filter search results by geographical area.

In addition, as Wallapop bases its use on geolocation, this will facilitate a quicker and more efficient "between you" and individuals, facilitating the management when it comes to teaching and viewing the facilities in person.

At present, Wallapop has three million users , exceeds four million references and moves a daily volume of almost two million euros in transactions.

Stable and inclusive monetary systems


The Spanish social currency movement will hold its third national meeting this month, from October 24 to 26, in Valencia, where the keys to future money and its importance for economic , social and environmental sustainability will be discussed.

This movement is international and diverse and exchangeable currencies coexist with others of mutual credit. While most use traditional payment systems based on paper tickets, or media to record transactions, others have begun to use electronic systems and even mobile devices so that annotations are made in real time.

logoRTVEes Currency exchange

Social and complementary currencies (MSC) are, in the same way as the euro, means of exchange to meet our needs. Bernard Lietaer, world expert in local currencies, who has been invited to the meeting, defines money as "agreement within the community to use something as a means of exchange", which means that the existence of the euro does not prevent us from having other means of exchange for certain uses, say the organizers of the meeting.

The corticoles, Iberia Plus or the ticket restaurant, for example, are also these means of exchange, since with them you can buy a gift, book a flight or feed without having to pay euro, although they are controlled by private companies for their own purposes .

The Meeting will feature the participation of well-known international experts who will present their points of view and experience in the design of stable and inclusive monetary systems. Systems will also be addressed to assess the effectiveness and social return of these initiatives.

In Spain there are currently dozens of experiences of social and complementary currencies, in addition to about 300 time banks . One of the objectives of the meeting, its leaders point out, is to bring these actors together in order to exchange experiences, in addition to strengthening the bonds and fostering solidarity for mutual collaboration.

Services that are paid on time, not with money


Timerepublik is a global community of people who exchange their talents freely and where the currency is not money but time . The objective of this online platform is to allow users to exchange services that are paid on time.

The platform allows its members to freely exchange the necessary services for a specific time. The users provide a service of one hour , they earn the time in their virtual wallet and then they can spend it when they want and with whom, for any other service. Everyone's time has the same value. Registered members can exchange necessary services, but two users do not have to mutually exchange services with each other. Instead, everyone can exchange all their talents, earn and spend units of time.

For example, one can offer another member their experience in planning events and this has talent in interior design, but the first one does not need help from an interior designer, so he will use the hours of time he has gained to get help. in computer programming from a completely different member .

In addition, each user can leave their comments and opinions about the service received, which contributes to increasing the levels of trust among the other members. Exchanges can be made with the members of this platform anywhere in the world and registration is free.

The website was created in 2012 and is present in more than countries like Brazil, the United States, Italy, France, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland or Spain.

Fiare ethical banking extends its presence


Fiare is an ethical, citizen and cooperative banking organization that understands money as an instrument of solidarity and places people at the center of economic and financial decisions. Its main objective is to channel the savings of people and organizations in the service of projects of social and solidarity economy , that is, projects that work for a more just, participatory and inclusive reality.


Fiare Banca Ética is this weekend at the fair of organic products and responsible consumption BioCultura 2014 , which is held from 3 to 5 October in Bilbao, to publicize its vision of finance. Precisely, this month will open in Bilbao the first headquarters of Fiare, an entity that has completed ten years and has 5,000 members in Spain.

This network of people and organizations is also a company that operates in Spain as an agent of Banca Popolare Etica , a credit cooperative present in Italy as a bank, that offers products and services "without losing the lack of profit, cooperative democracy and construction from bottom to top ".

Fiare believes that economic activity is not neutral and that any business decision is also an ethical decision whose consequences favor some and harm others.

This entity works to "transform society towards a more just, participatory and inclusive reality, in addition to creating an instrument in the hands of active citizens who want to recover the management of their savings and direct them towards projects and activities that generate a positive social impact "

The conference in Biocultura, entitled Fiare ethical banking, a real and citizen alternative , will take place on Sunday, the 5th at 6:00 p.m.

The collaborative economy begins to sink in Spain


Interest in the collaborative economy begins to extend to almost all types of public, with a transversal logic, according to a survey conducted this summer by social researchers Luis Miguel Barral (TooMuch, and Xavier Moraño (Target-Empirical, on the degree of knowledge that Spaniards have of the collaborative economy .

Nor is it a phenomenon that is especially attracting the attention of people with more economic constraints. The data indicate that the knowledge and sympathy towards the collaborative economy advances faster among the better educated and higher income audiences .


The results of the survey, conducted among 1,480 Spanish Internet users aged 18 to 65, chosen at random, indicate that:

18% of those interviewed have already heard about the term "collaborative economy or collaborative consumption". They would be just over 3 million people, according to the researchers.
Of these, 1.8 million claim to know what it is. The rest (1.2 million) have heard of the collaborative economy, but are not sure what it is.
The notoriety of the term "collaborative economy or collaborative consumption" advances for all generations, but is somewhat greater among those between 30 and 50 years old. And higher is the higher the level of studies. Also, the higher the personal economic income and the greater the affinity with the Internet.
The words and concepts most used to define the collaborative economy are: share, use vs. property, barter, buying groups, cooperation, technology and Internet.

Of the three most emblematic companies BlaBlaCar is the most notorious . 54% of Spanish Internet users know that this platform exists. It is followed by Uber , a company with less implementation than BlaBlaCar in Spain but which has been news because of the controversy faced by the frontal opposition of European taxi drivers, which explains why about 3 million Spanish Internet users know about it. A proof of Uber's over-sensitivity -say Barral y Moraño- is that it duplicates the knowledge of Airbnb , one of the icons of the collaborative economy.

In relation to what the Government should do with the companies of the collaborative economy such as the ones mentioned -prohibit them, legislate to limit it, legislate so that it grows or not to regulate it-, just over 50% of the respondents still do not have an opinion about it . In the other half, there are a minority of options to prohibit (4.5%) or limit (6.9%), compared to regular to grow (23.2%) or directly non-regular (12.8%).


Okay, talking about a “manned drone” is as monumental an oxymoron as talking about a bonsai the size of a tree, given that precisely the word “drone” refers to an unmanned aircraft. Apparently the term began to be used with this use in 1946, but why not guess its origin?

With this use, because the word already existed: although it may seem, is not an acronym, but a common English word that designates the male bees responsible for fertilizing the queen. We call them drones, and it is clear why instead of translating the original term we have simply Spanishized it as “drone”. It is a case similar to Wolverine’s, that of the X-Men: wolverine is not a baby wolf, but a different species, a mustelid with the scientific name Gulo gulo that in Spanish is known as … glutton.

The autonomous personal air vehicle Ehang 184. YouTube image.

The autonomous personal air vehicle Ehang 184. YouTube image.

But what I was going. The current drones are those that have popularized the configuration of the quadcopter, the apparatus of four horizontal propellers, and this same scheme is the one adopted by the Russian company HoverSurf for its Scorpion-3, a pileup that its own inventors qualify as hoverbike , or flying bike; another oxymoron, since the two wheels are missing. HoverSurf already accepts orders, although at the moment they do not offer details about dates and prices. See it in action, but I must warn you: do not expect anything spectacular. Yes, fly, fly

The question of how to call these artifacts illustrates the fact that we still do not have standardized words to name personal air vehicles. Naturally, because we still do not have personal air vehicles, which they call PAV for its acronym in English. And it is unlikely that we will have them, but it will not be for lack of bets. As I have said here on some previous occasion, there are several initiatives that are taking to practice the most classic of retrofuturistic gadgets , and several of them already work.

Even the European Union has funded a project to study the concept. But only the concept: imagine what it would be like to try to regulate a three-dimensional traffic that could overcome any obstacle or barrier? Can you imagine some overtaking not only by left and right, but by up and down? It would be the paradise of aggressive drivers.

The most visionary of the current millionaire technologists, Elon Musk, who with his Tesla brand promotes the auto-mobiles (that is, the cars that really are), has long since fallen out of the idea of ​​the flying car. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, he reiterated that it does not seem like a good idea: “If someone does not keep his flying car well, he could fall off a hubcap and guillotine.” Instead, Musk opts to take the traffic to the third dimension, but not above, but below, digging tunnels.

And despite everything, it seems that the first PAV are going to take off this year. The government of Dubai intends to launch in July a service of air taxis using Chinese quadcopter Ehang 184 (actually with eight propellers arranged two to two). According to the director general of the Emirates Highways and Tansports Authority, Mattar Al-Tayer, traveling in these flying cars will be “like riding an elevator”. The vehicles will not be driven by their sole passenger, but will be autonomous; They will fly alone to the programmed destination with the help of a ground control center.


El Tribunal de Justicia de UE.

While awaiting the opinion of the Spanish Supreme Court on multi-currency mortgages, expected this week, the European Court of Justice has ruled against the lack of information offered to bank customers in the contracting of these products.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled on Monday that banks must provide the client with ” enough information so that the latter can make sound and prudent decisions ” in the contracting of a loan in foreign currency. And between this information, the effects that a fluctuation of that currency can have on the return of the installments.

He has ruled that these clauses should be drafted “in a clear and understandable manner” The case that the Luxembourg Court resolves today is based on the loans signed between 2007 and 2008 by several Romanian citizens, who became indebted in Swiss francs with an entity from their country . At that time Swiss interest rates were low, when they began to rise, the currency was revalued and, consequently, the loan installments.


It is the same problem that affects 70,000 Spaniards, according to Asufin. The contracting of multi-currency mortgages – included in other currencies, especially Swiss francs and yen – skyrocketed in the years before the economic crisis because during the bubble, when interest rates in the eurozone were high, borrowing in other currencies was beneficial. The crisis of the euro and the rise of rates in Switzerland and Japan reversed this situation.

“We know of cases of people who asked for a mortgage of 450,000 euros to buy a villa, they promised to return the dues in yen … and when this coin was shot, the loan was raised to 780,000 euros”, they count 20 minutes from the cited association of banking users, which calculates that the average loss for Spanish mortgages amounts to about 200,000 euros.

Banks must report the risk of an appreciation of the foreign currency

The protest of those affected in Spain is the same as that made by Paula Andriciuc and other Romanian citizens in the case that today the CJEU resolves. They consider that the bank only informed them of the benefits of returning the quotas in Swiss francs, but not of the damages of the revaluation of that currency or of the probability of its occurrence. It would be, therefore, a “non-binding abusive clause” and a “deceptive” product.

That is what the European Justice has ruled this Wednesday. The court ruled that these clauses should be drafted “in a clear and understandable manner” and that they should be “transparent” about the operation of the mechanism so that the consumer assesses the economic consequences of signing the contract.

The Court We fully trust that the Supreme Court will protect all affected Spanish Luxembourg, in its ruling, urges banks to provide “sufficient information” so that the client knows the risk to which is exposed when signing this type of loan. For example, inform about the possible variations of the exchange rates , as well as the effects that would entail in the loan installments .

The European court does not enter to decide if in the case of the Romanian citizens this “information imbalance between the parties to the contract” occurred, but it does urge the judge of that country who raised the query to assess whether the requirement of “sufficient information” or if, otherwise, it was an “abusive clause” and a breach of “requirement of good faith” by the entity.

“We fully trust that the Supreme Court will also protect all the Spanish victims who have been demanding justice for years,” the president of Asufin, Patricia Suárez, congratulated herself this morning, after hearing the ruling of the European Justice that she describes as “magnificent and providential” .

More information about:

  • Court of Justice of the European Union – CJEU